Are you a rugby lover and want to become a referee?


Our vision is a Rugby Referees Society with world class referees while our mission is to provide these referees by:

  • Effective and competent management of the society.
  • Creating and maintaining a culture of enthusiasm, caring and devotion.
  • Maintaining open communication within and outside the society.
  • Providing excellent training, coaching and support to all members.

Providing excellent service to the BBRU and the South Africa Rugby Union {SARU} The values that we espouse are the following:

  • Transparency: Management, committees and members conduct business in such a way that all aware and understand what is happening within the Society.
  • Loyalty: All members are loyal and committed to the Society.
  • Integrity: An attitude of sincerity and virtuous within which all endeavours for honesty in word and deed.
  • Professionalism: A decision of commitment and dignity both on and of the field.
  • Cooperation: Willingness to cooperate and to sacrifice in striving to secure the objectives of the Society.
  • Accessible: Management, committees and members are approachable.
  • Dignity: Actions such that both individuals and the Society is respected.


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